Mathias is a self-taught photographer based in Germany. Very much influenced by urban landscapes, He takes pictures of colours and geometric forms against the blue sky creating timeless landscapes and putting everyday surroundings into a whole new perspective.

‘German photography has led the world into a new understanding of our relationship to the urban and man-made environment. It revealed how photographs of architecture are important, not only as art, but also as a testimony of time, trends and evolution.”Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.11.16.png

I am very much a fan of Matthias Heiderich’s work, but there was one series of photographs that particularly stood out for me. Titled ‘Reflections’ he explores architecture in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas.

Through line and colour, he creates a striking yet minimal composition.

I want to take my own photographs to work from for this module so I thought researching artists like Matthias Heiderich would be a good place to start. I have taken lots of inspiration, particularly within the style of his images. I think simplicity is key here and I need to ensure there are no other distractions in my photographs. Another significance is to take snippets of scenes. This is why I am going to be using my 50mm lens on some shots to capture close ups of subliminal or discreet architectural geometry

Design Direction


This module provides you with the opportunity to focus on an aspect of Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design that you would like to investigate further in an independent and professional manner.

Before embarking on the project you are advised to review your second year portfolio of work, analyse strengths and needs and aim to address any areas which you feel are underdeveloped.

You should be thinking about your personal design direction and methods of working. At this point in second year your personal handwriting and individual style should be becoming evident – review your work to date and reflect on what you feel this may be and the direction you wish to pursue.

The Brief

You are required to identify an area for focused investigation within a design market of your choosing (fashion, interiors, greetings etc.). You will produce a collection of outcomes appropriate to your chosen market.

Proposal and Visual Research;

This project requires careful planning on your behalf, realistic goals, professional execution and good time management. This is a 8 week module so you must ensure that you are focused and working at a sufficient pace, don’t leave everything to the last minute! The first stage is to identify a market and produce a research and design proposal.


  • A Proposal
  • A Concept Board
  • A folio of drawing development (including 2x A2 drawing development sheets
  • Identify appropriate journals and written research to help inform your ideas
  • 2 x A2 portfolio drawings
  • 2 x company profiles – outlining your understanding of market
  • A collection of final outcomes appropriate to your market/proposal (including 2 designs shown in an alternative colourway)
  • Visualisation Boards
  • A verbal presentation of your design collection