I was feeling a little bit worried about how much i missed yesterday being off ill. After coming back and talking to other people on the course they have filled me in on what they were doing yesterday. I missed the library induction so i am going to speak to someone in the library and just see if they can show me around. The first colour task was also given out yesterday. Having read through what is asked of me and looking at some of my groups colour samples they have done, i have decided it would be a good idea for me to use tomorrow to dedicate myself to creating my colour diary. Knowing i have tomorrow to do this has made me more at ease as i should be able to use tomorrow to catch up. Missing one day has shown me just how much impact it can have and i am going to try my hardest to not miss anymore.


Tonight i went to light night. If i am totally honest i was a little disappointed. I had heard great things about it and after looking at some of the pictures from previous years i was looking forward to going.

We watched the Leeds College Of Art projection on vernon street which was pretty cool. Looking round at other events there didn’t seem to be much happening. I was excited to see the Leeds Art Gallery fire show but there was so many people their that i couldn’t see anything. The video game display on the Queens hotel was really good and i’m glad we managed to watch it.

I think next year i plan to research about what is on where and times and then plan a route so i can see as much as possible.


Having completed 2 weeks of drawing tasks i am feeling much more confident with my drawing style. I think the tasks have been a great way to loosen everyone up and explore other ideas of what drawing is.

For me my favourite exercise was the timed drawing tasks as it meant just focusing on part of the object and drawing as much as you could in the time we had. I really liked how abstract the images were and this is something i am going to use in the future.

I am finding it difficult to understand how each module works an what it is i need to do at the moment. I know it is still early days so i will give it some more time and hopefully things will become clear in the coming weeks.