Bori Kovacs

Innovative Textiles by Bori Kovács

Bori Kovacs is a product and contextual designer based currently in London but originally from budapest, Hungary.

I initially came across her work on eclectic trends where i was intrigued by the variation in fabric surfaces she had created. The initial appreciation for her work found me wanting to research into the designer further. Tactility is most definitely at the heart of her ideas.

I was specifically drew to a collection she had created called ‘Please Do Touch’ whichis focused on the essence of textural information; detached from all visual elements such as color which could distract the viewer’s eye”.

She analyses experiences in nature and renders their qualities into interior surfaces. She has captured the qualities and essence of stimuli from nature and brought them to man-made, textured interior surfaces. Bori Kovacs challenges conventional ideas of comfort and common perceptions of pleasant memories and transforms these ideas into tactile pieces that trigger many reactions and sensations.

She talks about walking bare foot on grass, feeling the spiky grass beneath our feet and how she wanted to design an assemblage of textures and materials that make the viewers keep touching and interacting with the surfaces.

My favorite thing about Bori Kovac is how she creates these pieces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also to make people think and appreciate the stories behind the designs. Her investigation into materials and technologies is therefore shared with the onlooker.

I have created lots of sample variations, mainly using different materials. Something I would really like to explore is combining fabrics with my love for materials inspired by Bori Kovac.



Xochi Solis

Xochi Solis is an artist from Texas, who uses layers of many mediums to create one whole piece. Her work includes collaged paintings constructed of paint, hand-dyed paper, vinyl, plastics, and images from found books and magazines of which she then takes through different processes to get various outcomes.

I have been thinking of ways in which i could take my mono printing further but as of yet i haven’t come up with anything substantial. I came across Xochi Solis whilst researching this and found her work to be compelling.

I am very intrigued by the various layers of mixed media, which made me eager to find out the actual processes behind each piece.

Color, texture, and shape are at the forefront of her collages, making them pleasing to the eye. Unbeknown to the onlooker each miss-shaped circles contains a collection of Collagraphs, monotypes, photo lithographs, relief printing and collage and this is what really makes them fascinating.

I would like to use some ideas from Xochi to push my prints further, in particularly mono prints and open screen prints. I am going to play around with a small selection of my work to see what combinations i can come up with.