Elisa Strozyk


Elisa is a German textile designer who studied at Central Saint Martins, London. She has an incredible gift of being able to turn wood, into delicate paper-like material. She creates interior products like rugs, bed covers and table cloths using materials that are not typically used in textile designs.

She creates her products by using two different materials, which are wood and linen, to create flexible wooden textiles.

Her process consists of deconstructing the wood with a laser cutter so that it makes multiple small pieces. She then lays a textiles base and begins to hand stick the pieces back to the fabric, organizing them determined on colour and grain.

In an interview she says she wants to create something ‘surprising, new and tactile’.

My instant attraction to her work was the delicacy of the very innovative designs. She uses wood veneers which tend to be cherry and maple due to their flexibility. Having created some small wood laminates from veneers this is something I can relate to. After watching a video Elisa talked a lot about her love for the material she is using. She said she could never get bored of it as there are so many more ways to explore it. This is a great way of looking at materials and is something I want to keep in mind when carrying out experiments and techniques.

She is constantly looking at new paths to take her creative designs.