Design Milk

The Narrative of Making: Rethinking Soft Materials

Design Milk is a website I regularly browse looking for inspirational designers and innovative ideas.

My focus is on material and how I can push the boundaries of design. Searching materials on design milk I came across this unusual furniture collection that I was eager to find out more about.

The designers were students, from Rhode Island School of Design that specialized in textiles and furniture design. There brief was to re-think how soft materials are weaved, knitted, crocheted and knotted in furniture design.

“simple metal frame that is juxtaposed by bold, upholstered extrusions. Much like a weaving with unfinished edges, the chair is a picture of controlled chaos.”

I have been playing with unconventional materials and combinations of materials with apposing qualities but I feel I am coming to a bit of a rut and stuck for how I can push this further. This article in particularly has helped me to re-evaluate my concept and think how I can really investigate materials. I love this idea of reworking how a material is made and I would like to look into this further. I am now thinking about ways I could use technical processes that are traditionally used for industrial materials on fabrics. For example, I would like to see what happens if I use the sand blaster on leather.

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