Jo Nagaska

Jo Nagaska is a furniture Designer from Tokyo. I came across his work on the Dezeen website and I was intrigued to find out more. Initially what stood out for me was the use of bright colours integrated with the natural marks of the grain in the wood. I have previously worked a lot with wood and for this module in particular I would like to investigate the materials used commonly in industry.

He begins by peeling away parts of the wood to reveal the underneath grains. He then coats the wood with bright coloured resin. The resin ‘transforms the uneven texture of the wood into a smooth and practical surface’.

Both Marcel Dunger and Jo Nagaska have provoked me to think about the different qualities materials have and how I could use this to inform my ideas.

I am currently looking into ways in which I can push certain materials beyond their ‘typical uses’.  

The two practitioners show great examples of how this can be done. These designs have made me think about ways in which I can combine 2 substrates to create one surface.


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