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Giles Miller Studio is a London Based material design company, that specialize in innovative surfaces for high-end interior projects all over the world. They offer bespoke imagery that focuses on the manipulation of light, shadow and reflection of various textures and surfaces. The studio prides themselves on the ability to deliver a diverse range of surface solutions that marry architecture with beautiful interior finishes.

Over the years Giles Miller has developed into a large team, now called Giles miller Studio, all sharing the same philosophy about what they are producing and where they see it going.

“When a brand realizes the potential of what our work can add to their branding or to their personality, that when we get some of the best results.”

I first came across Giles miller on Instagram. I was intrigued by the geometric surfaces that almost looked like they were moving.

I watched a small clip on YouTube about the making of Giles miller. I found it to be a great insight into some of the thought processes behind the design. It was also interesting to hear some of the things that they wouldn’t be able to work without, which included the team themselves, the software and the research and development day that they call RAD Fridays. Without having that set specific time to experiment and trial new things they wouldn’t be able to keep up the level of creative output and meet the needs of the progressive and demanding market.

The surfaces are made up of pixels or masses of components, resulting in a textural and tactile surface that make people want to investigate them further. The playful character generates curiosity and make people want to touch them. The studio develops there work gradually through a series of experiments, playing around with various materials until an idea is created.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.13.35.png

I am very much process lead, working with different materials to explore their potential. For this module I want to create a selection of experimental sample pieces based on abstract Geometry. When asked what market my work would be intended for or where I could see it sitting I questioned my aims and what kind of design I am hoping to achieve.

Giles Miller Studios has helped me to visualize what some of my outcomes may be for the project and also where they might fit in to the industry.

I now know that I want to produce small geometric pieces from innovative material exploration with a heavy focus on texture.

Interior wall coverings are where I see my finished designs with a hope to creating an intriguing, tactual feature surface.


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