New Brief – Heimtextil

You are required to produce work as a direct response to the external opportunities posed by Heimtextil Trade Fair (interior collection). Your collection will offer a response to this year’s Mobile Home theme with a focus on digital innovation through the use of CAD/ Digital techologies.

Your response should consider future trends for interior, however the product group and market level you wish to design for is up to you, consider:  floor covering, wallpaper, upholstery, bedding, table, etc. High end, high street, contract etc. To do this, you will be required to research trends and analyse appropriate companies and their design style. This will help you focus your understanding of the market.

To develop your Heimtex Collection, you should thoroughly analyse your portfolio of innovative samples (OUPT504 Design & Innovation) to identify your own design direction and identify a response to the Mobile Home concept. You will evaluate and develop some of these ideas into a specialist interior design collection.

To focus your direction, you will produce a word-processed and illustrated proposal to outline your design rationale. There will be a separate studio brief to help you with this.

Your design collection is not intended to contain all ideas that are in your OUPT504 samples. Consider how your concept now translates to theMobile Home theme. You may choose to develop some of the technical explorations or drawing tasks that you have previously carried out. You may choose to extend your theme visually to give you a greater breadth of imagery to draw and work with.

You will produce a professional design collection of a minimum of 6 design samples developed digitally and produced on fabric or paper. At least one of your designs must be produced as a technical repeat. The function of your designs as a collection aimed for interior is important and you are therefore required to consider: technical repeats for fabrics and wall covering and function of your designs’ end use (e.g.: flooring, wallpaper/ wall surface, upholstery, bed linen, etc.)

You should explore a personal concept for design and should respond to the given brief. To develop a coherent collection you must ensure that there is a variety with regards to scale of motifs, design structure, colour and complexity. Consider the relationship between designs in a proposed environment and aim to develop main design/s and supporting coordinates.

As your Heimtextil collection will be focused around designs for interior consider how material and surfaces support your design collection and how these will interact with other designs in the interior setting you are designing for. For example if you were to develop a contract interior, consider the way in which fabric covers and curtains interact with wall paper as well as tiling and flooring surfaces in a suggested setting to create an atmosphere (e.g.: hotel, bar, etc). You should give due consideration to the scale of motifs and relevance of substrate in relation to product and analyse this through research and collection of related interior setting.

For this project you are more likely to develop visuals through digital production in line with the Heimtextil brief although still consider how you can combine digital with other processes and in particular consider the use of substrates to illustrate end use. Open up exploration of tactile qualities into the development of surfaces by using methods of screen-printing, laser, embroidery, paper manipulation etc.

Designs will be presented at the Campus stand which is located at the ‘Newcomers and talent’ area of the show. Some aspects of the design work will develop into a product at Heimtexil’s MICROFACTORY where participating students will collaborate with industry to produce a designed product. Further information of templates will be provided to you through eStudio.


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