James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel



Marjan van Aubel and James Shaw look at ways of incorporating wastage from normal manufacture of timber, to then use in innovative design.

Furniture factories produce on average, a huge 50-80 percent of waste timber during normal manufacturing. Both Marjan Van Aubel and James Shaw came up with a refreshing way to reuse this waste to create their own collection of chairs.


They combine waste wood shavings, with bio-resin creating a chemical reaction. Adding water makes the wood waste expand to become a solid, foam material.

The main attraction for me was the rawness of the material. They have not tried to disguise the chemical reaction in any way, making it obvious to the onlooker that it has taken place. After reading up about their process I like the simplicity of their furniture. They have not tried to over complicate it by adding various other substrates or vibrant colours. I like how natural the colours are keeping their designs very focused on the material itself.


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