Kirath Ghundoo

Kirath Ghundoo is a surface pattern and wallpaper designer who lives in England. She is renowned for her geometric wallpaper designs, which is one of the reasons I wanted to research her further. She adds bold blocks of colour that make her designs instantly recognizable.

I am particularly drawn to her kitchen wall designs. The array of geometric motifs, as well as the mismatch colours, creates very striking patterns. She uses no repeating patterns enabling the buyer to mix and match the wall coverings as they wish. The quirkiness of her designs allows the look of a room to be completely changed.

Both Designers have specifically made me think about how I could develop some of my material samples into something very different. I want to focus more on the shapes and how I could take them forward.

I am going to use some of the shapes; lines and textures from my pieces to create some digital designs of my own. Something I also need to think about is composition. Although each of these Designers use quite organic motifs they arrange them together in innovative ways. This is definitely something I need to investigate further and then experiment with myself.


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