Design Milk

Design Milk

Jorge Penades is a Spanish designer. After becoming aware of the amount of leftover material from the fashion, shoe, car and furniture industries, he decided to come up with a new way to make leather more sustainable.

He created this amazing collection of furniture named Structural Skin; created using discarded leftovers and offcuts of leather from factories.

Jorge Penadés came across a process that involved combining resin with shredded leather to create a reconstituted material.

I like the idea of using discarded objects and material to create new innovative designs. This is something I would like to research into further. I am going to start with collecting some interesting materials, which have been discarded and seeing what ideas I can come up with.

The marble type effect of this furniture collection is interesting and the idea that you wouldn’t know it was leather until you read about it. This is something I would like to keep in mind when creating some experiments and designs of my own


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