Fibre Glass Resin

The box contains:

  • 500ml of resin
  • hardener
  • matting
  • mixing cup
  • gloves
  • stirrer
  • application brush

I have been experimenting with different resins so I didn’t want to use the matting from the box as I wanted to use some of my own materials.

  1. Add 2-3cm. of Fastglas hardener to each 10ml. of resin and mix thoroughly.
  2. Pour into mold
  3. Add different materials, coloured pigments etc.
  4. Leave to harden for 24 hours
  5. Set in domestic oven to remove stickiness

The fiberglass resin had a red tint to it which I didn’t really like.

As the kit came with a brush it gave me the idea to try painting the resin onto surfaces. This dried clear and made quite a nice finish especially to the pieces of bark.



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