Book Binding

Book Binding (Glue)

  1. Choose paper and cut down to preferred size
  2. Stack your paper neatly on top of each other
  3. Use 2 wooden rulers and press papers between leaving roughly 1cm edge (hold in place with a clamp at either side)
  4. Glue down edge of papers using PVA glue
  5. Run fingers along edge to remove any excess glue
  6. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes
  7. Repeat glue process for as many times as required to secure book
  8. Whilst drying create front and back covers (this can be done in different paper or card)
  9. Measure the spine of the glued papers and the front and the back pages
  10. Draw out the measurements starting with the spine in the middle of the card,
  11. Leave a small distance either side of that which will be scored to allow movement in the book
  12. Next draw the front and back measurements.
  13. Cut out the outline of measurement
  14. Score the spine and the gaps either side and brush with PVA glue
  15. Insert the paper pages and clamp together
  16. Leave to dry
  17. Once fully dry remove the clamps and your book is complete!

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