Silicon Mold

In order to create some resin sample pieces, I needed a mold to work from. I wanted to create one of my own then I could choose the size and would be able to re use for other material experiments.

Silicone Mold

  1. Cut piece of MDF to size for the base of the mold.thumb_IMG_3703_1024.jpg
  2. Coat with lacquer/ wax oil
  3. Collect large board, 4 wood pieces and 4 clamps
  4. Box the boards around the MDF piece allowing about 1cm either side and clamp in place.
  5. Seal corners of the box with clay to prevent and liquid silicone from escaping.
  6. Mix up the silicone powder and glue
  7. Pour silicone mix into mold (try to pour from as high as possible to reduce air bubbles in the silicone)
  8. Leave to set for about an hour and a half.
  9.  clamps, box and board.



  1. Put on gloves and goggles
  2. Turn on ventilation
  3. Measure resin and catalyst hardener ratio 20:1
  4. Pour into a container and mix thoroughly
  5. Pour mixed resin into a mold
  6. Leave to set for approximately 3 hours
  7. Once dry, remove resin from mold carefully with tongs as will still be slightly sticky.
  8. Place on metal tray and put in the oven (in metal workshop) for about 20 minutes to cure thoroughly.

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