Glass Experiments

  • I began by laying out the equipment onto the table; Board, ruler, scalpel, scrap glass pieces
  • As this was my first time in making glass samples I chose to use some small pieces of scrap glass to practice with.
  • I practiced using the glass cutter on a few piece and cut them down to a size I felt comfortable with.
  • I tried to cut piece to the same size so it would be easier to lay on top of each other.
  1. I selected a piece of glass and layed flat on the board.
  2. Next I chose what I wanted to put on it. – As this was more about experimenting I wanted to try as many different things as I could.
  3. I sprinkled in different coloured glass pigment and tried to play with quantities and positioning of it on the glass.
  4. I also tried some coloured tubes and some small glittered stones.
  5. Once positioned I then layed the top piece of glass onto each sample.
  6. I put them into the kiln for 3 days to fuse.
  7. Once out I ran them under water and cleaned up.


For my first attempt I think they turned out quite well. There was lots of variety in the colour intensities and some worked better than others. The coloured tubes seemed to almost melt and were very faint. The darker colours definitely worked better and I think the higher quantities of pigment made the colour more prominent.

My favourite sample is this black glass one. I really like the air bubbles and I think breaking the coloured pigment up gives off a much nicer effect.


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