Luisa Kahlfeldt

This image of a stool made from recycled cardboard was posted on Instagram by design milk.

“By experimenting with a low value, everyday material, the task was to manipulate the material in such a way to enhance its perceived quality. By laminating and rolling the cardboard, my intention was to give the material a new visual language.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 20.26.32.png

The designer is Luisa Kahlfeldt who recently graduated from Central St Martins in product design.

As this current module I am doing is Design for Paper I thought this piece was particularly relevant. I began by researching Luisa Kahlfeldt’s ideas behind the stool. I specifically wanted to find out why she chose to use the materials that she did.

Luisa Kahlfeldt describes her intentions for this design was to give the material a new visual language. Transforming the cardboard to create a fresh, innovative stool design almost gives it a second life. I found it particularly fascinating that she didn’t have the shape of the finished piece already in mind. In fact it was the process of manipulating the cardboard that determined this.

Looking back at some of my ideas and the samples I had created, I started to contemplate the idea of letting the material drive the outcome.


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