Resin Experiments

Crystal ResinmgaR7qeiiC5MM2BYyxnYW1g.jpg

  • Begin by pouring 1 dose of crystal hardener followed by 2 doses of Crystal Resin
  • Mix thoroughly to ensure optimum hardening
  • Pour mixture into silicon mould
  • Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

As this is the first time i have used resin i wanted to do some small samples to see the outcomes. I have created 4 small moulds all slightly different.

  • In the first mould i included 2 small pieces of shiny textured paper.
  • In the second mould i scrunched up some small pieces of tissue paper
  • In the 3rd mould i dropped in some marble ink
  • In the 4th mould i sprinkled in some powdered tie dye pigment



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