Marble Inks

Creating marble patterns with ink and water.


  • Drop marble inks into a bath of water
  • Create pattern by swirling inks with a paintbrush
  • Lay the paper on top of the surface
  • Leave in for 10 seconds until marble inks can be seen through
  • Pick out paper and leave to dry thoroughly

I wanted to experiment a little further with these inks.

  • I tried dripping the inks and not mixing with a brush to see how that would effect the pattern.
  • I also tried submerging the paper further to see what would happen.
  • I tried different types of paper including the handmade paper and newsprint i had done previously.
  • As the handmade paper seemed to soak up the water, I tried dripping the marble ink straight from the bottle onto the paper.


I have created a good selection of papers from the marble inks experiments which i am going to use in a variety of ways to explore layers and layering.



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