Wood Workshop

I went down to the wood workshop as i wanted to experiment using other materials. I gathered various offcuts of wood veneers in order to laminate them to create layers.

  • My base wood was plywood as that already has a nice layer effect to it.
  • Using PVA glue i began sticking thin layers one on top of the other.
  • I included pieces of coloured papers between the veneers to see what might happen
  • Once i had a sufficient amount of layers i put the block into a press and left to dry over night.


I wasn’t too sure whether the blocks would turn out as i had imagined as the veneers were lifting slightly.

Once dry i sanded the block down to a reasonable square size. These are the results.

I am pretty pleased with how well they have actually turned out. I think it worked better when i included more papers as the coloured layers were easier to distinguish.

This is something i would like to experiment with further.


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