Paper Making

  • Tear the paper up into small pieces
  • Put the paper into the blender along with warm water (do not overload)
  • Turn on the blender slowly and increase the speed gradually until the pulp looks smooth.
  • Once blended pour pulp into a bath big enough for the size of screen you wish to use.
  • Wet some J-clothes and a towel and rinse out
  • Place Towel on the table and a J-cloth on top
  • Immerse the frame into the mixture in a slow motion moving through the bath (in, under, up)
  • Jiggle the frame gently to remove any excess pulp
  • Hover the frame over the J-cloth and when ready turn the frame over so it lays flat on the table.
  • With a sponge, drain any excess pulp by pressing gently on the frame
  • Remove the frame to reveal the paper
  • Leave to dry


Some ways to make the paper thicker are:

  • Using a decol over the top of the frame
  • Mixing wallpaper paste or flour to make the solution thicker
  • Layering the papers on top of each other when wet
  • Adding different materials to the paper or between two papers

You can also:

  • Create textures by adding various materials to the paper mix
  • Change the colour of the paper by adding dyes to the solution

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