Mono Print Induction

Mono Printing is a single impression of an image made from a printable block


  • Roll out extra thin ink onto a chosen surface e.g. a piece of card
  • Dab off extra ink with printing paper
  • Place paper  or card of choice on top
  • Draw onto paper using object of choice e.g pen, nail, cotton bud – all will give different textures and marks
  • Remove image and paper to reveal your print.

My first mono print consisted of me trying out a range of different objects to see what marks and textures each created. They were all very different, but for me the nail worked best as it seemed to leave the most distinctive print.

During the workshop i found that the most interesting print came from the printing paper when used to dab off the excess inks. I am going to try to use these in some way as they have left quite nice textural patterns.


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