Embossing and Debossing

Paper Embossing

Creating either raised or recessed designs onto paper. An embossed pattern will be raised against the paper, however a debossed pattern will be sunken into the surface.

  • First of all you need to soak your chosen card in a bath of water whilst preparing your pattern.
  • Next choose a piece of card the size you wish your design to be.
  • To Emboss, begin to cut out the shapes of your design
  • To Deboss stick the shaped on top of the card to create another layer
  • Once the design is ready, remove the paper from the water bath and place between pieces of thicker card.
  • Use rolling pin to roll over and remove any excess water.
  • Lift the sheets up on the roller and lay down newsprint.
  • Place card down, then the design face down and then some more newsprint
  • Once positioned correctly place roller sheets over the top
  • Start rolling making sure the pressure is not too much but ensure enough so that it will create the embossing/debossing.
  • Once rolled your design is ready.

In my first experiment i wanted to understand the difference between embossing and debossing so i cut out shapes and then glued them on top of the surface next to where i had cut.

This is another example i did using geometric shapes.

I wanted to push the experiments as far as i could within the workshop so i gathered lots of very different materials, which included lace, rice, string, wood and ribbon. I then lay them onto the card and proceeded to roll.


These turned out to be the best samples as there was much more variation between the layers of embossing and debossing. Although very subtle i do like this technique of creating different layers and is definitely something i wish to pursue throughout this module.


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