American Museum Of Natural History

The Museum Of Natural History was somewhere i was very much looking forward to going. Having visited the Natural History Museum in London i knew it would be good. In the London Museum the best parts were the Large animals exhibitions, in particular the sea world and the dinosaurs. I felt a little disheartened after viewing these in New York as they weren’t nearly as interesting.

I really enjoyed the Earth and Space section however and managed to get lots of inspiration from the rock and crystal forms.

MOMA – Museum Of Modern Art

Whilst in New York i went to MOMA as lots of people had told me it was really good. To be honest i was a little disappointed after having looked around as i didn’t really feel that there was much to see.

I like to look at other Artists and Designers but i felt there was not a lot of artwork that caught my eye.

Glen Ligon – 50 Screen Prints on Coloured Paper

Piet Mondrian – Compoisition in Red, blue, black, yellow and GrayIMG_3321

Walid Raad – Pigment Inkjet PrintsIMG_3328

Walid Raad – The Atlas Group


Walid Raad – Sweet Somethings

Walid Raad – Clouded Memories

IMG_3325 IMG_3324


Anouk Kruithof – Subcontious Travelling – Pigment inkjet prints and coloured GlassIMG_3329

Yayoi Kusama – The Accumulation No. 1IMG_3345

Arman – I still use brushesIMG_3344

Claude Monet – Water Lillies – Oil on canvasIMG_3322

Jeanne Reynal – A Good Circular GodIMG_3335

Basim Magdy – The Hollow Desire to Populate Imaginary cities – Chromogenic colour prints from chemically altered slides on metalic paper


Dan Flavin – Aerolux Flowerlite Lightbulb IMG_3346

I had a look in the MOMA shop after viewing the museum. These are some of the books that i fell in love with. They had lots of really interesting work and inspiring designers.



New York

On the 22nd January i flew to New York for 5 days with my Family. I had thought a little bit already about my theme for this module, but i was still unsure on what it was going to be. I decided that the best thing for me would be to take lotf photographs and see as much as i could whilst i was there.

Being in New York one of my initial ideas was Architecture as there was so many amazing buildings. We visited the Empire State, the Rockerfeller center and my favourite the World trade center where we got to explore both inside and some of the amazing views from the top.


Ted Talks

Clare suggested we watched this video by Beatrice Coron who talks about her paper cut designs. She uses scissors and paper to create very intricate silhouettes of architecture, landscapes and much more.

The image that stood out most for me was the cities she had created in particular New York as i was visiting there during my research week.

New Module Brief

We have been given our new module brief – DESIGN FOR PAPER

‘A project inspired by the philosophies of the Arts and Crafts Movement, and the Aesthetic Movement – beautiful materials, practised skill and considered craftsmanship’

  • Craftsmanship – practice and perfecting skills
  • Taking time
  • Process as a reaction to fast production
  • Value of the time spent in making/creating
  • Beauty in aesthetic and material

We have been given 3 route options which include, traditional, digital and surface innovation.

I have chosen Surface Innovation / Material Option

The workshops i will undertake include

  • Paper-making
  • Wood routing and use of the “Dremel”
  • Embossing
  • Illustration
  • Mono Printing