Photoshop – Colour Adjustment


This is an image i took at the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield. I wanted to experiment with colour manipulation in Photoshop so I followed the directions on the digital tool school.

I played around using the sliders to change the hue/ saturation of an image until i was happy with the colours.


This is an experiment i did changing the photo filter. This is a ‘cooling filter’.
thumb_IMG_5199_1024 copy

This is an experiment i did changing the Threshold.


This is an experiment i did changing the gradient map.

024 copy.jpg

Botanical Gardens Sheffield

I visited the Botanical Gardens in Sheffield to further my research into Botanical Plants. Having already used some of my primary research photographs to draw from I wanted to capture something more than just the plant. I took my DSLR camera with me as this allowed me to look more closely at the marks and textures on the leaves and stalks themselves.

Once back in the studio, this got me thinking about how I could create textures of my own. I experimented with blowing and flicking paint and building up the layers. Another material I tried was latex. I created lots of sample pieces to see what kind of textures I could create.

Having undergone lots of manual experiments, I decided it was time to take my photographs into Photoshop for digital manipulation techniques.

Here I trialled colour adjustments, layering, masking, cropping, removing and lots more. These allowed me to explore areas of Photoshop I had never used but also gave me some great new ideas for design.