Georg Dionysius Ehret

  • He was a German botanist and entomologist, and is best known for his botanical illustrations.
  • His original art work may be found at the Natural History Museum in London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Royal Society, the Lindley Library at the Royal Horticultural Society, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the University Library of Erlangen, and the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh.
  • He lived at a time of scientific discovery and enlightenment in Europe, a ‘golden age of botanical art’.
  • He used sketchbooks to draw observations from the plants before producing larger paintings in his studio.


georg-dionysius-ehret poppies-corn-georg-dionysius-ehret

  • I love the way he has used a notebook to record some of his observations from plants. I think the way he has done some quite simplistic drawings which he then takes away to develop is very interesting
  • I also like the way he only draws the plant itself. He leaves the background very plain so that it doesn’t take anything away from the focused object.

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