Rebecca Stoner

Rebecca Stoner is  one of my favourite surface pattern designer. Based in York, she creates pattern for wallpapers, fabrics, staitionary and more.


I really liked how delicate her designs looked. The colours she uses are generally pastel colours which emphasise the delicacy of her patterns. I also like the way her designs look quite cartoony. By this i mean a lot of her stars and flowers have curved soft edges rather than the typical straight edge. She starts her designs by hand drawing, usually in fineliner. This is something which i typically do also.

From-Sketch-To-Collection-by-Rebecca-Stoner_22 Garden-Floral-Flowers-by-Rebecca-Stoner

Rebecca’s starting point for a new project is also to research themes and trends which she then uses to create mood boards. She begins drawing in her sketch book which she then scans in to work into further on Photoshop or illustrator.

Her inspirations tends to come from things she has seen when out and about walking. In an interview for terrys fabric she talked about how she enjoys being around other creative people as it helps her feed off their creativity and energy.

index Summer+Flowers


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