Lucienne Day

Along with 2 other female designers, Lucienne Day became one of the pioneers of contemporary design in the 1950’s. Her distinctive linear motifs and abstract patterns based on plant forms as well as the bold blocks of colour were loved by many. The optimistic message behind her designs was the reason for her success. Calyx was exhibited at the Festival Of Britain and was the first design that brought her fame.


This is one of the most well known Lucienne Day Designs however there is a few things that I don’t particularly like about it. I really like the shapes but he pattern is too busy for me. The pattern design was repeated in a variety of colours but as they signified the war they were all too dark and dull.

I prefer her designs with either just one solid background colour and the designs in black like ‘dandelion clocks’.

My other favorites are the designs with just 2 or 3 colours but that compliment each other.

DDB6A01D-9B29-4D96-A7669B5C6F7A8A9E_medium images


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