Angie Lewin

Printmaker – Painter – Designer

alewin-clifftop3-b Speypath-I-by-Angie-Lewin

I came across Angie Lewin whilst researching online. What first struck me to her designs was the flower forms. I love how different shapes can make up what we percieve to be a flower but  is very different to the stereo typical drawing of a flower. This has similarities to some of Lucienne Day’s work for example dandelion clocks, and also a more contemporary artist i have been looking at called rebecca Stoner.

Whilst looking further into Angie Lewin i found some screen prints she had done using only two colours. I thought these tied in quite nicely as the big screen print we are currently doing will only be 2 colours also. The cushions she had designed gave me an idea of what our prints might look like with just the 2 colours.

Angie_Lewin_Meadows_Edge_cushion_pillow_Mustard_Dawn_Grey_1024x1024Angie_Lewin_Meadows_Edge_Blue_Green_45cm_cover_1024x1024  Angie_Lewin_Meadows_Edge_Dark_Stone_Fennel_45cm_cover_1024x1024


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