Rihanna Ellington


Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern designer who graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2013.

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  • Her designs are inspired by colour and contrast
  • She starts her design projects by visiting museums and archives.
  • She describes herself as having a natural curiosity which help her to collate inspirational objects to work from. An example of this is the flowers she collects which are then dried out and pressed.
  • In her recent work she has worked with digital manipulation of natural history and botanic
  • I am interested mainly in her colour palette.  She uses combinations of blues, greens, pinks and purples which are quite unsettling in some ways. The clashing colours and layering of images are almost holographic giving the illusion the designs are floating.

tumblr_nc0jgj8iwD1tb9qrvo1_400  tumblr_nmr4wvtDEB1tb9qrvo1_400

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