Wendy Kaye


Wendy Kaye is a surface pattern and fabric Designer.  I came across her work in the latest edition of the Elle Decoration magazine. It was initially the colours on the cushion prints that caught my eye. These are clearly modern colours which along with the black over lay of shapes make it very contemporary.

IMG_4869 IMG_4835 IMG_4826

  • She uses a combination of block colours overlaid by simple, linear patterns. I really like how she uses a small colour palette consisting of muted greys or greens, along with a bolder colour, which in this case is yellow. She also includes black in her design which, feel adds depth and boldness to her pattern.
  • After doing some further research into Wendy Kaye she talks about how she loves to play with shapes and colour. Being someone who lacks confidence in using colour, I feel this is something that would be very beneficial to me and help to inform what colours work best with what. Hopefully by doing this it will also give me a colour palette that I can work with myself.
  • Wendy’s inspiration comes from finding ‘mid-century gems’ at markets or charity shops. I think this is a great way of taking inspiration from unusual found objects and using them to influence your work. This could be in the form of colour, shape, texture etc. Doing the task where we had to buy something from the market to draw from really helped inform my ideas for drawings. It also made me think about doing something as simple as that could progress into looking at shape compositions. From now on I am definitely going to keep an eye out for interesting objects, which could spark new ideas.
  • Another influence of Wendy Kaye is Scandinavian design, which I shown in her patterns. She creates these very simplistic drawings with minimal colour and prints them onto fabrics used for everyday objects like cushions, lampshades or paper products.

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