Natalie Raw – Age of glamour

This morning we had a lecture by Natalie Raw who is a curator of dress and textiles at leeds museum. She came to talk to us about the current exhibition at Lotherton Hall called ‘the age of glamour’.

LH - Age of Glamour

Natalie also talked to us about fashion in the 1950’s, which is pretty relevant to us as that is what our first module is on.

She talked a lot about Christian Dior, in particular the ‘new look’. Fashion in the 1940’s was very different to the 1950’s. The devastation of world war 2 meant their was a shortage of materials for clothing and manufaction and production came to a halt. As the restriction of the war came to an end people wanted a distraction and a new idea of fashion emerged. Dior’s designs helped the fifties become an age of glamour.

‘Bar’ by Christian Dior 1947


Horrockses was a cotton and yarn company which Natalie mentioned briefly. Horrocks was a houshold name in the 1950’s producing cotton dresses with fun prints at lower costs.

2007BM6758 index


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