Drawing Tasks

Over the course of the next 2 weeks we were set drawing tasks to complete.

Observational Drawing and Continual Line

IMG_2200 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2203 

Timed Drawing

IMG_2190 IMG_2204 IMG_2191 IMG_2192IMG_2194 IMG_2195

Invented Line Drawing

IMG_2205 IMG_2206

Positive and Negative Space

IMG_2189 IMG_2188

Group Mark MakingIMG_2198IMG_2187

Drawing with other parts of the body

IMG_2208  IMG_2209

The Big Draw – Drawing With Masking Tape

IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176

Drawing with Wire

IMG_2181 IMG_2182 IMG_2183

3D Drawing

IMG_2184 IMG_2185




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